Michael’s story

Michael plays an active role at Look Ahead - getting involved locally and across the organisation.
Michael, one of our Learning Disability customers DJing

Michael DJing at our customer celebration event.

“The things I do at Look Ahead will help me in the future”

I’ve lived here since April 2015; before that I lived in my mum’s house. I wanted to live here to get new skills and experiences so I can live on my own in the future. I like living here and sometimes my mum comes to visit.

The staff help me with my busy schedule and they help me cook. I like cooking and I can make things like pasta, chicken, fish, pizza and vegetables.

I’m busy because I help out at my service and at Look Ahead a lot. I’m a customer rep which means I help staff members organise meetings where we discuss issues. I also help organise activities – I run karaoke on Monday night and DJ, and we all have a meal together on Wednesday nights. There is also a monthly activity that we as customers organise. I helped to design the monthly activity planner.

I also help Look Ahead by being a Quality Checker. I go and visit services and talk to the staff and customers. I like doing that. I also am on the Customer Services Committee where customers talk about what’s important to them and help Look Ahead improve.

The things I do at Look Ahead will help me in the future when I leave here to go and live on my own in the community.

Michael enjoying himself at our customer event

Michael takes up opportunities both at his service and within the wider organisation.

Michael's mum's

"When he first moved in I was worried about how he was going to cope, but he’s been supported very well”

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