Shaun’s Story

Shaun has made lots of positive changes since becoming a customer at Look Ahead's Newham Mental Health Service over a year ago.

I first became a customer at Look Ahead around a year ago. Since then, I have steadily been making my personal targets into a reality. My main goals are to live independently and find a girlfriend, but before I do that, I’ve got a little way to go yet.

The staff are really supportive here, I make plans with my support worker in my one-to-one sessions, and always try to stay one step ahead. With help from my support workers and the dietician they put me in touch with, I am so pleased to say that I’ve lost a lot of weight.

I’ve been taking care of my health and wellbeing, by drinking less alcohol and doing lots of exercise. I’m part of our service’s seven a side football team – I even scored a hattrick once – and I go for walks every day. I’ve lost a stone in the last year!

Newham Mental Health Service is a wonderful place, I live in my own flat here with my own TV, I’ve even got Sky to watch and relax with! My support workers have shown me how to make sure everything is clean, and I take care of the flat myself now, I just speak to them when I need repairs or have any problems. Keeping my flat tidy really helps me get in the right head space.

I have started to find new ways to express myself here too, especially writing poetry. One of my favourite things about Look Ahead though, is that I have freedom to come and go as I like, but I get help where I need it. That means I can go out and see my Mum a few times a week, and catch up with friends, or go shopping. Look Ahead have helped to budget and look after my money, lately I even had enough money saved to buy my Mum a radio as a gift, being able to do those things means so much to me.

I am so happy to be getting closer and closer to living independently, I just can’t wait.