New Life Skills programme for Look Ahead care leavers

Published: 3rd January 2016
This week, we launched the second module in our new Life Skills Programme for Care Leavers and Young People. This modular programme has been created to support customers to develop the life skills they need to live independently. The programme covers the six key areas mapped in the government's care leavers strategy - health and wellbeing, education, training, employment and citizenship, finances, home and housing, safety, and relationships.
A customer with sections from the bronze level of the Life skills programme

The Life Skills programme follows a pattern of learn, do, reflect.

Each module is staggered in levels of difficulty – bronze, silver and gold, and customers will progress through each level as they work through the modules. All the modules in the programme follow a simple pattern of learn, do, reflect to encourage customers to actively put what they have learnt into practice. On completion of each level, customers receive a certificate to mark their progress.

Following a six-week pilot of the bronze level of the programme, the bronze and silver levels will be rolling out across all Look Ahead Young People services in the new year.