Look Ahead features in final report of the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act 1983

Published: 6th December 2018
Modernising the Mental Health Act, Sir Simon Wessely's review of the Mental Health Act 1983, has just been published featuring a case study of a Look Ahead customer.

Sir Simon visited our Tower Hamlets Crisis House in August of this year, and mentions it as a beacon of hope in mental health care.

“Listening to some of the stories and experiences of the patients and service users has been a salutary and chastening experience. At times all I could say was that I am sorry you had those experiences, and I hope that this Review will ensure this becomes a thing of the past.

But I have also had numerous positive experiences, and met an extraordinary range of people, professionals and service users alike.

And in the end I am not despairing, but hopeful. I recall visiting Look Ahead, a social housing organisation providing specialist support and care services for people with the most complex and severe of mental illnesses. I learnt about how they help those who have spent long periods of time in hospitals move towards more independent living, and the impact of austerity on some of the most vulnerable. I saw the close working relationship with their local Trust, and the unsolicited praise for several named psychiatrists for the support they give.”

Modernising the Mental Health Act, a Review of the Mental Health Act 1983, can be read here.