Helping our customers feel at home at Look Ahead

Published: 28th February 2022
In 2022, we want to do more to help our customers feel at home at Look Ahead.

We know that our living environment can have a big impact on how we all feel and live our lives and on our mental health. So this year, we are offering support to customers (both supported and unsupported) who want to improve their home. This could be in the form of a small grant, gifts-in-kind or volunteers to help deliver your project.

We are looking for applications in the following three categories.


Great green spaces

Projects that create or improve gardens and green spaces. These can be big or small, inside or outside. Gardens, courtyards, window boxes or indoor gardens!


Creative corners

Projects that bring arts and imagination into services, make our spaces more beautiful and encourage customers to get creative. This could be introducing art and creativity into services, improving communal spaces through decoration, arts, lighting or other activities. It could also be craft projects – mosaics, murals, artwork, needlework, music.


Healthy homes

Projects that improve the health and wellbeing of our customers. This could be gym equipment, healthy eating cookery sessions, creating special meditation/quiet spaces within the service or introducing regular physical activity or wellbeing sessions into a service – e.g. exercise classes, chair yoga, mindfulness.


You can apply via your support worker or directly to Look Ahead.

If you’d rather talk to us about your application or send in a film or picture then email

Go on get involved! You have until 11 April 2022 to apply.