Customer Annual Report shows positive feedback from our customers

Published: 16th March 2022
Look Ahead's Customer newsletter, Heads Up Special Edition features feedback from our customers and what we are doing to put their views into action. Read the Spring 2022 edition here!

Customers always have been and always will be at the heart of what we do.

We believe that meaningful customer feedback is key to helping us improve and ensuring that the services we deliver are right for our customers. Each year we ask for customer feedback and this special edition of our customer magazine, Heads Up shares a summary of customer feedback from our full satisfaction survey of summer of 2020 and snap-shot service from autumn 2021. More importantly it outlines what we are doing with this feedback.

We learned that customers feel listened to and respected. Inclusivity is key to us and we are very pleased to see that customers feel that Look Ahead treats them fairly regardless of their gender, race, age, sexuality, ethnicity, disability or religion.

Our customers’ views directly impact the design and delivery of our services and our plans to improve customer experiences and the quality of our services. For example, our Tenant and Landlord Panel (TALP) for customers actively raise ideas and concerns and participate in helping us to deliver the solutions. This began in 2019 and has been a critical part of working together with customers to improve the work that we do. Through TALP, tangible change has come about regarding how we explain rent charges and looking at where CCTV is installed.

In terms of what we could do better customers told us that we could improve on our repairs and maintenance. As a result of this we have developed a plan to improve our standards and we are already seeing the changes come into place.

We know there is more work to be done and we’ll be continuing to involve our customer in our progress. Enjoy reading the full report.