Our property offer

As a housing association and registered social landlord, we offer commissioners bespoke property solutions.

We own and manage around 2500 units across London and the South East. The scale and reach of our property portfolio means we can offer a wide range of different properties and accommodation models to commissioners and trusts.

We have expertise in designing and remodelling both our own buildings and those owned by our partner organisations to meet the needs of individuals with different needs. We do this in partnership with architects, property specialists and clinicians.

Our recent property developments

Some of our property developments include:

Features of our property solutions - what we offer

High quality, tailored and homely

Risk is effectively minimised and managed

A range of assistive technology solutions

Individuals’ physical health and mobility needs are met

Psychologically informed environments, shaped by individuals’ needs and backgrounds

Self contained, supporting development of independent living skills

Working with us

If you are looking for a property solution that is not currently available within our portfolio, we can still help. Through our existing relationships with property owners and developers and our ability to quickly release and invest capital, we have experience of rapidly sourcing and developing accommodation to meet local need.