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W3 House 2


W3 House 2 is a semi-independent living service offering a high level of support to young people who are either in or leaving care



Appropriate for:

Young people in and leaving care, including Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) aged 16-25

About the accommodation

W3 House 2 comprises of two shared flats and two studio flats with shared bathrooms and offers personalised support for high needs. Communal areas include a lounge and garden. There is an office staffed 24/7 by Support Workers ensuring support is available at any time.

About the support

W3 House 2 provides a homely environment with a high level of support for six young people. With an onsite office directly in the building, young people have easy access to 24/7 support, including translation services.

W3 House 2 benefits from a Specialist YP Support Worker and a Specialist UASC Support Worker.  All staff are trained in trauma-informed approaches and have received additional training around child exploitation awareness. The team co-produce support plans in partnership with young people, focusing on independence and empowerment.

About the area

W3 House 2 is located in Ealing.

  • Well-situated near local underground and mainline station
  • ETE opportunities such as a variety of colleges
  • Local shops
  • Parks and leisure centres within walking distance
Michail Angelos

Our young people often say they feel at home here, maybe even for the first time ever. The greatest thing is when our customers succeed and reach their goals.

Michail-Angelos, member of staff

How to enquire

We work closely with commissioners, agencies and families to develop and deliver bespoke support and accommodation offers tailored to individual needs.

You can enquire about a specific property detailed here or submit a general enquiry. Our team are experienced in developing personalised solutions that meet individual, family and commissioner needs.

Please contact the team or fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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Please provide your contact details, the timeline for your need, along with a brief description of your enquiry. Our team will be in touch with you within two working days.

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