Mariam’s Story

Mariam* has learned new life and self-care skills since becoming a customer at Look Ahead's Learning Disability Services.

My life has improved a lot since I came to Look Ahead. I used to have a low mood a lot and struggle with my mental health. I was going into crisis regularly, and feeling very depressed.

But with the right support from my support worker, I haven’t had a crisis for over two years, even during the pandemic, it’s amazing.

At Look Ahead, I’ve learned to look after myself and take care of my mental health better. My support worker has taught me so much, I’ve learned patience, and I have a few projects on the go.

She always encourages me to try new things and get involved with different activities. A little while back, I visited my local mosque, and I recently started volunteering at a foodbank. I love going to the day centre every week to see my friends too. It’s good to feel like part of my community again.

My support worker also taught me how to manage my medication, I can self-medicate now. I’m better at handling my diabetes as well, I’ve swapped sugar for honey. I go to the gym too, I pick fruit at the local farm and even tend to my own tomato plants in the garden at the service. A healthy lifestyle is very important.

I’ve been developing new skills to build up my confidence. I love cooking chicken curries, and rice, and I’m even learning to make African food now. I’m also better at budgeting too. I’ve learned how to spend responsibly. My support worker and I are working together to set up a shopping routine. First, I look in the cupboard to see what I already have and then I go to the shops to buy the food that I need. I’m also good at getting discounts on clothes at the market. Best of all, I’m saving up to go on holiday in Dubai and Morocco.

I’ve come so far in the last two years. I’m very happy at Look Ahead.

*Mariam is not the customer’s real name, her name has been changed to protect her identity and privacy.