Allan’s story

After being homeless for a number of years, Allan is now receiving support to achieve his goals.

With our support, Allan is now starting to think about getting back into work.

“When I moved to Look Ahead, I knew straight away that this was the place where I could focus on my recovery”

Before I came to Look Ahead I spent a long time moving around a lot and living on the streets. I’d been in hostels before, but I had struggled to connect with the support and I often found them too hectic. When I moved to Look Ahead, I knew straight away that this was the place where I could focus on my recovery – it suited me to a tee.

I have been at the service for over a year and half now, and I have definitely noticed a change in myself. Where I am living now is a nice, quiet hostel and moving here was a relief. It is a friendly place to live and I’ve found it much easier to stay on the straight and narrow here.

For someone like me it can take a while to build trust and to accept support from staff; you have to want their help in the first place. Since living here I have really started to fight my addiction and I’m not running away from my responsibilities. I am meeting with my Support Worker every week and sticking to all of my medical appointments.

Allan with Andy, his Support Worker.

One of the things that has made a big difference has been getting support with simple, everyday things like opening a bank account and working with my Support Worker to get my social skills back. Sometimes it can be hard to see the differences in yourself so it has been really good to spend time with and get to know the staff who say they can really see a difference in me.

Now I am starting to think about getting into work again and my Support Worker has helped me to register for some construction courses and college. I used to be a tree surgeon, and whilst I don’t think I can do that anymore, I would still like to still do something practical and work outside.

While I was homeless I lost contact with my daughters and I am really looking forward to reconnecting with them when I am living independently again.