Rights and responsibilities

This page is designed to explain some of the rights and responsibilities that both you have as a customer and that Look Ahead have as a landlord and support provider.

When you move into a Look Ahead property and/or begin receiving support from us, you will be asked to read and sign an occupancy agreement (Tenancy or License, and/or a support agreement.) These set out what services and standards you can expect to receive from Look Ahead as your landlord and/ or support provider as well as our expectations of you as a tenant and customer.

For more information please see your tenancy/ license agreement and if you receive support from us, your service’s statement of purpose and support agreement.


Keep you safe

We will…

    • Respect your privacy
    • We will only enter your property when necessary, for example, for gas servicing works. Please see the below section on ‘Privacy in your Home’ for more details.
    • Actively tackle discrimination and reduce disadvantage. For more information about our approach to Diversity and Inclusion please see below.
    • Make you aware of the standards of behaviour that you can expect from us and how you can raise any concerns
    • Listen if you have any concerns or worries about your safety – we have a dedicated safeguarding team who will fully investigate any concerns
    • Undertake safety compliance works on gas, water, electrical, carbon monoxide, and fire safety
    • Immediately report to statutory teams and police any suspected or actual abuse
    • Complete robust checks, recruitment processes, induction and training for all new staff
    • Establish clear expectations of the quality standards required in all our services
    • Carry out quality audits on our supported services to ensure they are meeting our quality standards, and enable you to participate in this process as much as possible
    • Protect the privacy of your information and we comply with the principles set out in the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018. We will ensure that any information you give to us is not misused and it is in line with the guidance contained in the regulations. For more information please click on our Privacy policy.


Keep you informed, listen to and engage with you

We will…

  • Uphold your right to complain and provide feedback.
  • Provide you with opportunities to get involved and have your voice heard
  • Engage the uniqueness, talents, beliefs, backgrounds, abilities and ways of working of all our colleagues and customers so that they fulfil their individual potential.
  • Actively seek your views through regular feedback surveys and targeted surveys such as repairs and complaints satisfaction


Support you

We will…

    • Take a person centred approach to supporting you. Through aspirational, strengths-based support, encouraging you to identity and focus on your skills, abilities and aspirations, not just your needs
    • Working in partnership with other professionals and individuals in your support circle
    • We will encourage and expect everyone to contribute to an environment in which everyone
    • Support you to make your own choices and take as much control of your support as possible
    • Creating environments and spaces that are conducive for providing and receiving support and achieving your goals


Provide safe and comfortable homes

We will…

    • Provide homes that meet the government’s decent homes standards
    • Provide you with a responsive repairs and maintenance service where we are responsible
    • Ensure communal, estate and grounds are maintained to a good quality standard
    • Not end your tenancy or support agreement without notice unless you breach the terms of your tenancy or support agreement
    • Provide you with a quarterly rent statement
    • We will ensure that the needs of the customer are part of our planning for the management of health and safety within all of our work activities.
    • Keep you safe and ensure that all compliance activities are completed to the highest quality and standard.


We expect you to…

  • Pay your rent payment and service charges in full and on time. If you have any queries about your rent and/or service charges, or will have difficulty paying on time, please talk to your support worker or contact your Housing Officer
  • Keep your home and communal spaces in good condition, and let us know about any disrepair or defects
  • Give us the opportunity to put things right by letting us know when there are problems
  • Engage in your support
  • Treat our staff and other customers with respect


Further Support and Information

You can get in touch with our Housing Team by:

For further information and support, please contact the Citizens Advice Bureau here.

If you are fleeing domestic violence you can contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline – you can call them 24 hours a day on 0808 2000 247.

If you are concerned about a child you can contact our safeguarding team via safeguarding@lookahead.org.uk  or you can contact the NSPCC by calling 0808 800 5000.

For support with debt, please see here for advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau

If you need support with immigration, you can seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau.


You can contact our complaints and feedback service by:

Please click here for information about our complaints and feedback service

If you feel like your voice is not being heard, you can also contact:

We are committed to providing safe and comfortable homes.

If you are not happy with your home in terms of repairs or maintenance, please contact our repairs team by emailing repairs@lookahead.org.uk or calling 0333 010 4600.

Our commitment to compliance

Compliance ensures your safety and that of all customers by providing buildings that are safe. This means that they fully meet the relevant legal, regulatory requirements and conform with approved codes of practices (ACOP) in terms of building safety and statutory obligations. There are six recognised areas that represent the core of building compliance. These are gas, electrical, water, fire, asbestos and lifts.

Look Ahead is committed to fulfilling their duties and best practice in all compliance. This is achieved in the core areas of compliance as follows:

  • Gas: Gas appliances that are not properly maintained can become dangerous, leading to the release of carbon monoxide which can be fatal. Look Ahead complete annual inspections on all properties with gas to ensure that gas appliances, pipelines and flues are maintained in a safe condition. By law, we must comply with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.
  • Electrical: Faulty or poorly maintained electrical wiring installations can lead to electric shocks and fires. Under the electrical safety regulations tests and inspections on the electrical installation within our properties are completed at least every five years.
  • Fire: Fire is a potential hazard in all properties. Look Ahead complete annual Fire Risk Assessments (FRA’s) to comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO) which came into force in 2005. The FRA will assess the hazards within the building, including those associated with its layout, and those presented by the nature of the service user group. The type of fire detection, fire safety systems and equipment required in our buildings is determined by the relevant fire safety regulations. These systems are subject to periodic checks and inspections at least every six months.
  • Asbestos: The exposure to asbestos presents a serious health risk. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 sets out the legal duties for managing the risk of asbestos. To comply with regulations Look Ahead complete Asbestos Management Surveys in all buildings constructed pre 2000. This survey includes a management plan and a register of where asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are present. The condition of any property components with ACMs is then be regularly monitored through annual inspections.
  • Water: Bacteria can proliferate in stagnate water systems. The approved code of practice, L8 sets out guidance to comply with our legal duties. To manage and minimise the risk Look Ahead complete Legionella Risk Assessments at least every two years to ensure that there is a safe water supply.
  • Lifts: The Lifting Operations and Lifting Regulations 1998 (LOLER) addresses the specific risks associated with the use of lifting equipment. Thorough examinations and inspections are key requirements of the regulations. To meet these requirements all lift equipment are subject to inspections at least every six months.


Diversity and Inclusion

We recognise the diversity of our customers and will ensure that we deliver accessible services and equitable outcomes across all of our customer groups.

We are committed to drawing upon lived experience from customers and staff and creating channels to ensure the ‘user voice’ is heard.

We understand that without understanding the individual needs of our service users, we cannot tailor service delivery to meet the needs of our customers. As such, we will focus on improving the quality of service experience for all our customers.

We recognise that the majority of our customers face discrimination and disadvantage by virtue of having experienced homelessness, exploitation, having a disability, low income etc.

We will actively tackle discrimination and reduce disadvantage by:

  • Supporting customers to sustain tenancies and build independent living skills;
  • Providing positive environments which enable customers to influence and take control of their lives;
  • Supporting customers to maximise income and achieve financial inclusion;
  • Supporting customers to engage in the community and breakdown barriers;
  • Developing positive partnerships that increase positive pathways and improves health and Well being; and
  • Making reasonable adjustments to overcome social and physical disabilities.

Privacy in Your Home

As a Landlord it is good practice that we give all Tenants/Licensees notice when we need to access your homes/rooms. We will endeavour to give you at least 24 hours notice if we require access, with the exception of emergencies when there is a serious risk to the property or a person. We will also try to ensure that the timing of the visit is at a reasonable time of the day.

When requesting access we will write to you explaining the reasons why. This might be to inspect the property, complete the annual gas safety check, or to fit or repair white goods like a washing machine or other appliance. As a Landlord we have a legal obligation to keep your home in a state of good repair and we must keep the appliances we provide you with in a good working order.

You will have the opportunity to rearrange any appointment to a more convenient time; if you are unable to allow access at the initial scheduled time.