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Judith's story

Judith is a customer at one of our young people services in Hounslow. Through Look Ahead’s support, she has been able to receive funding towards her education and begin a career working as a teacher.

I’ve been at Look Ahead for almost three years now. I came here because I needed to focus on myself, I was under so much pressure at home, I was holding down two jobs and studying for my A-Levels at the same time.

Since I came to Look Ahead, I’ve had some lovely support workers. I feel comfortable to talk to them about my life and my experiences. I’m quite independent and I love to go out, but it’s great to have them there to give me advice if I need it. My support workers have really helped me to build good friendships which is very important to me. They show me how to establish boundaries, identify my emotions and manage my feelings, and I really appreciate them.

I like my flat at Look Ahead too. I have a studio all to myself, which is homely and comfortable. Cooking is a passion of mine, and I love using the kitchen and cooking for myself and other customers.

Being here has also helped me to learn new skills, and work on my career. I started an apprenticeship as an early years practitioner since I’ve been here. My support workers helped me out by printing revision materials and advising me about who I could speak to about any issues. They also helped me with my application for a bursary from SEGRO and LandAid towards my course. The bursary covered a variety of expenses, from my DBS check, to clothes suitable for work, and just as importantly, my transport fares. This support really helped set me up for success, and after a lot of hard work, I passed my exams with distinction.

The course was a fantastic opportunity to do a job that I love. Since then, I have been working at the nursery where I had my placement. I really enjoy working with children, it’s so rewarding. I’m looking to the future, and I am thinking about becoming a primary school teacher. I’ve also applied for an accounting course because I really enjoy learning. I’m excited about my next chapter and my future feels brighter.