Tariq’s story

Tariq recently completed our Apprenticeship Scheme. He now works as a Support Worker with individuals with learning disabilities.
Support Worker Tariq

Tariq has been a Support Worker since September.

“The Apprenticeship Scheme has provided me with a new, different way to learn, whilst also working”

I joined Look Ahead in September 2015 as part of their Apprenticeship Scheme. Before this, I was working in customer services in a local supermarket. As part of my job, I used to come into contact with a lot of vulnerable people – including some of the customers that I now support.

At school, I didn’t feel like I reached my potential. The Apprenticeship Scheme has provided me with a new, different way to learn, whilst also working. It’s been a good opportunity to push myself and do something different. It’s very hands-on and within a few weeks of starting I was doings shifts at a service which was great.

As well as the practical learning, I would also meet with my assessor once a month to discuss some of the tasks I had to complete, which could be anything from an essay to a set of questions.

Tariq sitting with one of his customers

Tariq with one of the customers that he supports.

The great thing about the scheme is that you start getting experience from the very start. Even though I have only been a Support Worker since October, thanks to my apprenticeship I already have a year’s experience under my belt.

I would definitely recommend the Apprenticeship Scheme to anyone thinking about a job in the health and care sector; it’s a great way to gain experience and a formal qualification.

My service supports 20 customers with learning disabilities and I directly support a number of these individuals. I also run our service newsletter which helps keep everyone up to date with what is going on around the service.

Like a lot of people, before I started working for Look Ahead, I probably had a particular perception of people with learning disabilities and mental health needs. There can be a lot of stereotyping, but once you actually get to know the people we work with, you realise that they are just like anyone else.

I am already looking at how I can work towards progressing within the organisation and becoming a Team Leader. Outside of work, I am also looking at volunteering opportunities in the local community as I think my experience here at Look Ahead could really help.