Mike’s story

Mike, our Senior Quality Manager, works with staff and customers to ensure we provide excellent services.
Mike, Senior Quality Manager

Mike's role takes him into our services all across London and the South East.

I joined Look Ahead when an opportunity came up to manage some services for young people in South London. I knew I wanted to be part of an organisation that is creative and always willing to take on new challenges. Prior to working at Look Ahead I was a Support Worker for a homelessness charity.

My current role involves carrying out quality visits to our services, checking that they meet our own quality standards and seeing what we can learn and share with other services. We speak to customers and staff, look around the property and check all the files and paperwork before writing a report on our findings.

We have a team of customer Quality Checkers who work with us so that it’s not just our views, but also those of the people we support. Having experience of previously managing Look Ahead services helps me in my current role; it gives me valuable insight into what makes a good service but ensures I’m also realistic in my expectations.

One of the highlights of my time here has been hosting our annual customer celebration event jointly with a Look Ahead customer. This was a day to promote the amazing achievements of our customers and was so uplifting.


“I am supported to come up with ideas and am given the encouragement to try them out”

In my roles both in services and now as part of one of our central teams, I am supported to come up with ideas and am given the encouragement to try them out. A lot is expected of you, but at the same time, it means you have fantastic opportunities to develop your own skills and understanding.

I’m just about to start studying for a postgraduate certificate in leadership in homelessness services in partnership with the London Housing Foundation and South Bank University.  Look Ahead’s supporting me to do this and it’s a great opportunity. I always like to be stretched, and I am keen to continue taking on new roles which push me and keep me learning, as well as make a difference to the lives of our customers.