Ali’s story

Ali has worked with young people for the last 25 years and explains why he finds it such a rewarding career.
portrait of Ali in his office

Ali supports young people at our new service in Milton Keynes.

“You have to have the passion of wanting to help someone”

I’ve been working with young people for the last 25 years. It’s very rewarding; if you help young people achieve their dreams then you are doing something positive and lasting.

At our service in Milton Keynes we have five hostels categorised by needs, and I work in a hostel for young people with low to medium needs. A big part of my role is signposting the young people to other agencies who can help them achieve their goals; for example, they may want to start an apprenticeship, go to college or receive support for mental health needs. I enjoy helping young people access support – this means they can change their life and become active members of society.

It’s great when I get feedback from the young people like ‘thank you for being there when I needed support and guidance.’ In order to be successful in this job, you have to have the passion of wanting to help someone. You need empathy, hard work and patience too because every day brings new challenges.

I’m happy to be working for Look Ahead; the ethos is geared towards the customer – supporting, listening and helping them in the way that they want to be helped. I really like that.