Ahmed’s story

Ahmed, a Team Leader in Brent, supports individuals with visual and hearing impairments to live independently.
Ahmed is a Support Worker at one of our specialist services in Brent.

Like many of his customers, Ahmed also has a hearing impairment.

“Look Ahead has given me lots of opportunities.”

I joined Look Ahead in 2015 when the service I worked at transferred to the organisation. I’d heard a lot of good things about the organisation and I agreed with their values and approach.

I am a Specialist Team Leader at a service in Brent which provides support to people with hearing and visual impairments.

A normal day for me is always busy! I support my customers with a variety of different things, everything from helping them to adjust to their accommodation, making sure they have access to the right health services, to helping them to connect with other organisations that can support them with things like education, employment and mental health.

Like many of my customers, I am deaf, so I have a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter with me at the office to ensure that I can easily communicate with both my team and the other external agencies that we work with.

One of the highlights of my time with Look Ahead so far was going to the staff conference in 2015. A big part of the day was the annual staff awards, where staff were recognised for their efforts and hard work. We also had Martine Wright, captain of the 2012 UK Paralympic volleyball team as the guest speaker and she was incredibly inspiring!

Look Ahead has given me lots of opportunities. Last year I was promoted to Team Leader at my service and to support me in my new role, I am currently completing a leadership and management programme that is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

My manager has also been very supportive of me and my aim to move up the career ladder at Look Ahead. I hope to become a Contract Manager myself in the future.