Partnerships with health

We deliver integrated health, social care and housing services in partnership with the NHS.

These services deliver flexible, personalised care, reduce pressure on in-patient services and can lead to significant cost savings.

Our NHS offer helps to keep people in their own homes rather than in supported living or hospital.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Medication management for those who need some support to take medicine in their own home
  • Long-term condition support for example for people living with diabetes
  • Community connectors services – a service to help Community Mental Health Teams bridge the gap between hospital and discharge into the community. Our team are a vital component of hospital multi-disciplinary teams
  • LIFT GP service – working with GPs to help them to manage patients with mental health challenges and long-term health conditions
  • GP/nurses in services – many of our homelessness services have GPs and nursing services operating from them
  • Hospital discharge services – we work with NHS Trusts to provide Look Ahead Housing and Advice workers based in hospital wards working alongside clinicians to help avoid delayed hospital discharge due to patients having housing or social issues.

Some examples of where we are working alongside our partners in the NHS:

Offering Support with Medication Concordance
This service works alongside the Independent Personal Support Alliance to provide support for people who are on medication for both mental health and physical conditions.

LIFT CMHT service
Our specialist mental health support workers work alongside the Community Mental Health teams (CMHTs) in Lambeth. This service is aimed at people that, despite improved mental health, are still seen as too vulnerable to be discharged from secondary care.

This is a service that works with patients with serious mental illness and long-term health conditions. Our team, based in the local community, are able to bridge the gap between health and social care. We have a community psychiatric nurse based within our service which means we are able to act quickly if a patient needs immediate help.