Daniel’s story

Daniel is part of our Experts by Experience programme. He trains our staff, based on his experiences of living with Asperger's syndrome.

Daniel now supports other customer trainers joining our Experts by Experience programme.

“Support Workers that have done my training tell me that because of what they learnt, they now know how to approach people in a better way”

I have been involved in the Experts by Experience (EBE) programme since mid-2013. My Support Worker told me about it as they thought I would be a good fit.  When I first took part in the training it was scary, but with practice, I got more confident. As soon as I get into the training session now, the nerves melt away. You can’t let your nerves hold you back. You need to remember you’re helping somebody.

Before becoming an EBE trainer I had never talked that loudly in my life. In 2009 I was unable to leave my house but recently, thanks to the confidence I have gained, I stood up in front of 800 people and spoke about my experiences. That’s quite a change for me!

Being involved in the training has also helped me look back on my own life and realise why I was acting the way I was. I lead the Asperger’s training session with another customer and through this I have learnt new things about myself and why I do things.

Knowing that my advice is helping someone else, or improving the way someone else might be supported gives me good satisfaction. Support Workers that have been in my training have told me that because of what they learnt they now know how to approach people in a better way.

I’ve also learnt new things about myself and why I do things. Personally, EBE has helped me to become more aware of what I am doing and the way that I am thinking. Now I always try my best to think positively and not to be negative.

I have really enjoyed getting involved with the EBE team and now that I have been involved for a while it is great to have new members asking me for advice. I remember being in their position so it’s nice to be on the other side now. It is also important to me to know that I am helping people with similar conditions to get better support.

As of last week my co-trainer and I are now running the training on our own, without any staff. One of the Support Workers from my service sat in on our training and she said she had never seen me like that before. I even surprised myself with how confident I felt. I’ve come a long way.