Upcoming 23 Feb: Mental health report launch and global digital discussion

Published: 3rd February 2021
Saving the NHS £1bn - The financial case for integrated mental health and supported housing services

Look Ahead and Europe Economics invite you to join them for the launch of a new report which demonstrates the benefits of integrated mental health services to patients, society and the public purse.

With demand for mental health services and public finances set to rocket because of the pandemic; the case to save money and integrate services has never been stronger.

Join our expert panel from the world of politics, economics and social care to discuss a new Europe Economics report which looks at how mental health services can be delivered in a community setting while saving the public purse nearly £1bn.

This online, free panel discussion will be Tuesday 23 February 2021, 12:15 – 13:15 GMT.

Panelists include:

Paul Bristow MP, Member of the Health and Social Care Committee

Baroness Claire Tyler, Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Mental Health

Paul Calaminus Interim Chief Executive at East London NHS Foundation Trust

Deborah Drury, Managing Consultant at Europe Economics

Chris Hampson, Chief Executive Look Ahead

For more information on Look Ahead’s mental health offer, learn more here.