Look Ahead opens innovative care coordination service

Published: 2nd February 2018
The innovative service offer launches this month as part of an expansion of Look Ahead's existing Lambeth Integrated Fulfillment Team service.
Staff outside Look Ahead's LIFT GP service.

Look Ahead’s Lambeth Integrated Fulfillment Team (LIFT) service provides medication support to people with mental health needs in Lambeth. Staff at LIFT also work closely with the local Community Mental Health Team to provide support, treatment and opportunities to individuals with mental health needs who have been identified as clinically ready to step down to primary care or who need some additional support in primary care. As part of the service expansion, the service will also include GP+, an innovative new care co-ordination offer which targets individuals with multiple long-term conditions.

The new service will be called LIFT GP and goes live this month. It brings together the expertise of specialist support workers and clinical support to support individuals who haven’t previously been identified as requiring care coordination due to their lack of engagement with services. The service will support more than 300 customers in Lambeth. In order to help us to deliver this new service, the team will be expanding to include two mental health nurses as well as an additional five specialist support workers.