Look Ahead’s Gender Pay Gap continues to narrow

Published: 5th March 2020
Look Ahead publishes its gender pay gap, BAME pay gap and CEO multiplier results for 2019

Look Ahead’s 2019 Gender Pay Gap figures show a median pay gap between men and women of 0%, decreasing from the already low 2.2% from last year’s figures.  The mean average is 2.5% difference in women and men’s pay, almost exclusively coming from our executive team level.

Within the housing sector, the national average gender pay gap remains at 8.1%. We are pleased that Look Ahead demonstrates a far smaller gap than this average and that we also continue to benchmark positively against last year’s figures. Across the organisation and at all levels of seniority, Look Ahead is proud of our numbers and continues to remain committed to equity across all genders.

The culture at Look Ahead, from both leadership and management lends to these positive figures. Initiatives such as the annual Women in Leadership Award help us to develop emerging female leaders across the organisation through training and bespoke mentoring opportunities. In addition more widely,63% of our managers are women.


BAME pay gap and CEO multiplier

For the second year, Look Ahead is delighted to lead in the supported housing sector by publishing Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) pay gap and CEO multiplier data.

2019 data shows that the median pay gap between our white and BAME populations remains static at 3.2%, compared to 3.4% from 2018. According to the Bank of England’s research in 2019, BAME averages sit at 10%, again pointing to Look Ahead leading in this area. Our strong commitment to inclusion is reflected in how we recruit and develop staff; 52% of all managers are BAME.

Look Ahead’s CEO multiplier sits at a 1:6 ratio meaning the CEO pay and benefits are 6 times that of a frontline employee. While this is not required by law, publishing these figures is an important part of our open and transparent approach to inclusion.

Julie Blair, Look Ahead’s Executive Director of Corporate Services, said: ‘We are proud to publish these figures today and are pleased that our gender and BAME pay gaps continue to reduce. I am also proud that we received the National Inclusion Standard Bronze award this year for the first time.  That recognises our commitment to being a genuinely inclusive employer.

‘By being open and honest about our data and remaining committed to evolving our approach to Diversity and Inclusion, for both staff and customers, we hope that we can ensure that we work towards understanding and addressing any inequalities that exist.’

Commitment to inclusivity and diversity

Over the last year we have strengthened our approach to Inclusion by continuing to partner with Inclusive Employers. We are now in the second year of our Diversity and Inclusion strategy, with key objectives to:

  • Create and maintain an inclusive work environment for all staff: this means all staff feel comfortable to be themselves at work
  • Attract, develop and retain staff from the widest pool of talent
  • Ensure our diversity data drives our annual priorities for inclusion work
  • Ensure compliance with legal regulations and requirements relating to diversity and inclusion
  • Deliver accessible services and equitable outcomes across customer groups

For more details on our gender pay gap, BAME pay gap, CEO multiplier and diversity and inclusion initiatives overall, please read our 2019 report.

For more information, please contact Cat Snyder, Communications Manager. Tel: 0207 368 4850 Email: catsnyder@lookahead.org.uk

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