Josh finds joy as world opens up

Josh has Autism, schizophrenia and language difficulties. In the past, Josh had insufficient 1:1 support and it resulted in him feeling isolated. With few activities on offer and limited opportunities to integrate into the community, Josh’s behaviour was severely affected and his provider gave notice.


Transition to Look Ahead

As soon as Josh was referred to Look Ahead, he was assessed and a plan put in place for staff to shadow his provider’s service to understand what triggered his behaviour that challenges and how it was being managed. It gave Look Ahead an insight into what was going wrong and what could be done to improve things for Josh.

Look Ahead’s assessment process identified that Josh lacked personalised support and so staff at the east London service where Josh now lives, put together a new and comprehensive care and support package built around Josh’s needs. They worked closely with Josh to identify what adaptations could be made and put him at the centre of decision-making wherever possible.


Person-centred care and support

Josh was initially provided with seven hours of 1:1 support, with shared waking night support. He re-enrolled at college and life for Josh was looking up, but unfortunately, his mental health deteriorated and he was sectioned.  A new diagnosis of schizophrenia then resulted in his care and support plan being re-written.

Josh now had 1:1 support for 16 hours a day with shared waking night. A multi-disciplinary team that included a psychiatrist, speech and language therapist, nurse practitioner and Newham’s autism commissioners, worked together on his care plan. Staff also liaised closely with Josh’s mother. Josh, a teenager, requested that younger members of staff supported him, which Look Ahead arranged. This was successful and a timetable of activities, together with regular community visits, was put in place.


Josh’s progress

Josh really enjoys going out and about. He likes using public transport and has been supported to see the city via train, taxi, cable car and on the river. He goes to a nightclub once a month, swims, plays football and badminton, cycles and enjoys the cinema and going out to lunch.

He manages his finances while out shopping and cleans his own flat. He is making friends and continues to go to college.

Josh’s mental health has improved and he manages well without high-level supervision.

He has plans for the future too; to make more friends, to manage to cook a meal for himself and to get involved in re-designing his room and choosing furniture.