Community and neighbourhoods

We are committed to supporting our customers to be good neighbours, to enjoy and be part of their local neighbourhoods and help resolve any issues that you may experience with your own neighbours and communities.

This page will provide further information about our approach to Anti-social Behaviour (ASB), parking, grounds maintenance, and estate management.


Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is acting in a way that causes or is likely to cause alarm or distress to one or more people not in the same household as the perpetrator.

Anti-social behaviour and harassment can have a devastating effect on communities and individuals.  It is very important that we work with everyone living in the communities where we operate to ensure that it does not have a negative effect.

The prevention and appropriate handling of anti-social behaviour is a key factor in Look Ahead meeting your expectation that we provide you with safe and comfortable home environment.

If you are experiencing or have witnessed anti-social behaviour, find more information or learn how to report it here.


Estate management

Estate management is overseen by the Estates Officer who works as part of the Landlord Services team. Estate management responsibilities consist of the following:


Estate inspections 

We hold regular estate inspections, occasionally with external stakeholders. It’s your opportunity to suggest areas for improvement on your estate.

The estate inspection is led by your Estate Officer or Housing Officer. As part of the inspection, we’ll be checking the condition of your estate, buildings and communal areas, and reporting any repairs to maintenance or facilities.


Tenancy audits

A tenancy audit involves a visit from one of our staff who will check that our records about your household are up to date. They’ll also check the condition of your property and allow you to discuss any queries about your home, your tenancy or your neighbourhood, face to face.

We have separated our audit visits into three categories depending on the tenant’s needs; once every six months, every year, or two years.

While for most of our residents these are routine visits, we must carry out these checks to ensure our properties are safe. Verifying who lives in the property can help us in an emergency. It can also help us protect against things like tenancy fraud, cuckooing and to identify and assist with any support or safeguarding issues.

Some of the issues that can be picked up during the audits are:

  • Adaptations and aids within the property
  • Assisting by providing additional support
  • Changing the way we contact you to your preferred method (e.g. by email, letter, text or a different language)
  • Identifying where your housing needs are not being met
  • Ensuring we are not excluding anyone from accessing our services

The audits allow you to meet Look Ahead staff and raise any questions or concerns you have. Tenancy audits may be carried out unannounced or by prior appointment, but we will always introduce ourselves, provide identification and explain why we’re visiting you in your home.



How to apply for resident or visitor parking permits.

Please note that this only applies in certain services – your local manager or the Head of Facilities can provide further information.

Where a permit-based system is enforced via PCM – Parking Control Management, an initial free permit will be issued per vehicle per household this then allows the permit holders to park in parking areas, where space is available, on a first come first served basis. It does not give priority to a specific parking space.

A permit must be clearly displayed at all times, and, if applicable, a valid local authority disabled badge (please note: scooters, mopeds and motorbikes do not need to display these).

Unauthorised vehicles will be subject to Parking Charge Notices (PCNs).

If you have any questions about this please get in touch with us via email at


How to apply for a parking permit

There are three stages:

  1. Apply for a parking permit

Please contact our Facilities Team via

  1. Proof of residence and vehicle ownership

You will need to provide copies of the supporting documents.

  1. Receiving your parking permit

Once your application is accepted, you will be issued with a permit(s) which will be hand delivered to your address.


Disabled parking

Disabled drivers with a valid blue disabled badge from their local authority are entitled to a free space on a first come first served basis.


Visitors parking permits

Visitors’ parking permits are available in booklets of 10 and any resident can apply for them at a cost of £10 via Each permit can only be used once (scratch card).


Updating your vehicle details

If any of your details have changed, please contact

You will be issued a temporary parking dispensation while the evidence of owning your new vehicle is processed.

Please note: Your vehicle must be roadworthy and not be a health and safety risk or cause a public nuisance. Also, you must not carry out repairs to any vehicle on Look Ahead land that could cause a nuisance or damage property.


Grounds maintenance

All about our grounds maintenance services


Our grounds maintenance portfolio

Our grounds maintenance contractors work across 29 different geographical locations within the Look Ahead Portfolio.


Our grounds maintenance management

We recognise that well-maintained open spaces create a great sense of community, health and wellbeing

We currently work alongside 4 external contractors.

The core tasks include:

    • Grass-cutting and maintenance of grasses areas
    • Hedgerow maintenance
    • Shrub, herbaceous border and hard surface maintenance


Tree management

We are enthusiastic about the trees within our communities and the benefits they bring to our environment. In looking after them, we balance the views of our residents, the environmental and aesthetic benefits of trees with the provision of a safe and enjoyable environment.


Tree surveys

We are working alongside our contractors to implement a survey of our trees which will allow us to determine the trees’ health and the required maintenance for the coming years.

All requests for tree work should be directed to the Facilities Team via

Emergency tree work will usually be arranged as soon as possible depending on the circumstances and upon confirmation that no TPO – Tree Protection Order is in place.